I mentioned yesterday about some of the side effects of different diets.


People sometimes comment to us that when they start drinking more water they have to go to the toilet a little more often.


Or when they increase their protein intake (not to go ‘high protein’ or ‘low carb’ but to redress the balance of their previously ‘mega high carb’ diets) they may ‘pass wind a little more’.


So in the interests of balance, I’ve listed below the potential side effects of a balanced diet and the standard UK recommended diet:


Balanced Diet


  • Have to spend a couple of more minutes a day on the toilet
  • May pass a little more wind than previously



The UK’s standard ‘Super High Carb’ Diet


  • Increased risk of gaining weight
  • Reduced happiness levels
  • Increased risk of Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer
  • Reduced life expectancy

Put’s it into perspective, doesn’t it?


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Matt and I are off down to Barnstable in Devon tonight.


For Dax Moy’s BodyMap course.


You remember – he performed ‘witchcraft’ on my back a few weeks ago in Newcastle.


Part of our never ending quest to improve what we offer.


We may email you over the weekend and let you know how it’s going.


Much love,


Jon ‘Regular Toilet Goer’ Hall



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