I’ve mentioned before that I’ve probably been in over 100 different gyms over the years.


If there’s a PT Profile Board in them, I’ll usually stop and have a nosey.


They often have a section for ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’.


Do you know what the most common thing I’ve seen entered as PT’s ‘dislikes’ over the years is?




Which to me is probably the best thing they can put on their profile to put off the average potential customer.


When you’re a freshly qualified, don’t have a many clients (and, therefore, hours to work), are in you early 20s and live with your Mum and Dad………


There’s really no reason not to do a lengthy workout every day.


Any reason would be, as they say, an ‘excuse’.


When you are a decade plus older than that, with a busy and challenging job, kids, school runs, activities, injuries and multiple other demands and considerations (delete or replace as applicable)…………


It’s a different story.


Being told you’re making an excuses by someone who has no idea what your life is like is unlikely to inspire you to make some changes, no?


That’s why I’ve chosen a coach (for the programme I’m currently on which is partly fitness related, but lots of other stuff) who is the same age as me, has kids, runs his own business, etc.


He ‘gets’ my challenges.


He ‘understands’.


But, at the same time……


He knows that they are challenges that can be worked around.


That, significant as they are, they are not insurmountable.


He makes me question my thought processes related to them.


He makes me do a better job at the things I’ve said are important to me………..


By giving me skills, techniques and methods………


But also by helping me stop holding myself back.


Getting out of my own way.


And that’s what we try to do for you.


We ‘get’ the challenges you face.


We’ve either been through them or have worked with numerous people who have (for example, I am unlikely to ever know, first hand, what it’s like to go through the menopause, but have worked with lots of people who have).


We know they’re not ‘excuses’.




We know, from experience, that they are not insurmountable.


That they’ll be ‘better’ ways to approach things.


That there will, probably, be things going through your head that are making it all harder than it has to be (there are in ours).


If you’re not sure what these things are, talk to us.


In person.


Or reply to this email.


The things that might hold you back from where you’d like to be aren’t “excuses”………..


But they don’t have to stop you 🙂


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Much love,


Jon ‘Raw Tomatoes’ Hall and Matt ‘Sprouts’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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