The wife and I have a guy in at the moment doing some painting.


The entrance, stairs and landing.


And the kitchen.


Apparently they have got “filthy”.


I fail to see this, but that’s a standard Husband – Wife thing, I’m sure.


Anyway, we’ve had several people point out that we could do it ourselves to save a bit of money.


Which I get.


Money is a bit tight at the moment, what with maternity leave, Christmas, etc.


It would make sense in some ways.


But, doing it yourself isn’t always the best answer.


I happily do the lawn, fix stuff, etc, etc.


As I’m reasonably good and quick at things like this.


But I’m slow at painting and don’t enjoy it.


And I could earn more money than it costs to pay a painter by doing more of my work which I enjoy.


So, really, it’s a no brainer.


DIY isn’t the answer here, for me at least.


Knowing when it’s best to do it yourself and when it’s best to try another way is key.


Some people are happy joining a gym and doing it themselves.


And, if that’s working for them on a long term basis, then more power to them.


If, as most people find, that approach doesn’t actually work for them long term……..


Then there’s no point beating themselves up over it and “just trying harder”.


A different approach is required 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘SOS’ Hall and Matt ‘Diyarbakia airport’ Nicholson


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