One of the most satisfying parts of what we do…….

Is when you see someone make a ‘breakthrough’.
They come to some realisation.
A penny drops.
There is a drastic change in their perception on something.
And the results they seek follow relatively easily (check if you like the sound of relatively easy lasting change rather than horrible, daily slog with yo-yo results for the rest of your life).
Got a cracker the other day.
A long term member who had been struggling for some time.
Because she “enjoyed her food too much”.
After a little chat with her the other day………
She came in for the next session a changed woman.
“Do you know what I realised?” she said.
“I actually don’t enjoy that food.”
“Sure it feels nice on the tastebuds for a few seconds.”
“But I feel bad as I’m eating it”
“I hate myself afterwards”
“And it contributes to a body that I hate”
“I clearly don’t enjoy it, do I?”
“Eating well may not be quite as exciting to taste, but it’s still pretty good”
“I enjoy eating it”
“I feel better after”
“And I feel miles better overall for having done it”
“That’s clearly more enjoyable”
Powerful, no?
If you genuinely enjoy everything about certain foods and ways of eating, that’s cool.
But this may help you question whether or not your truly do.
Much love,
Jon ‘Head’s a bit spannered after this weekend’s course and can’t think of any funny middle names – normal service will resume tomorrow’ Hall and Matt ‘??????’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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