Hand up if you’d say that you have “too much time”.

You know, you’re sat around quite a lot twiddling your thumbs trying to think of something to do.


I thought not.

———— BTW if you did put your hand up, you can put it down now ————-

We’re all busy.

It’s a given really.

I’d put the volume of stuff I have to do in a week up against most people’s.

A busy business with everything that demands.

Four kids who go to schools 20 odd miles apart and have multiple extra-curricular activities.

A wife who has a full on, time consuming job.

An active social life.

Being busy is not a competition.

But if it was, I don’t think I’d “lose” to many people.

So if we take it for granted that “we’re busy”……….

Can we just look to do what we can under the circumstances?

Can we just look at how efficiently and effectively we plan and organise everything that we need to do?

Could we check how much time we really spend on low value activities (the screen time on our phone and our Netflix account might be a good starting place)?

I’d honestly be surprised if being busy meant we couldn’t do anything at all for something that we’ve claimed to be important for us.

It might mean we do a “knowingly suboptimal” version that, therefore, takes longer to achieve the desired results.

But that will actually get us there much quicker than not doing anything at all.

Much love,

Jon ‘too soon’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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