I heard a great analogy from Paul Baker one of our ninjas, t’other day.


Told you I’d pinch it Paul 😉


He was talking about different people’s suitability for different jobs.


And now putting the wrong people in the wrong roles just didn’t work.


“Like trying to get Windows software to run on a Mac” he said.




And it’s true of all areas of our life.


Not just work.


In our personal relationships.


You wouldn’t go out with someone who you didn’t get on with.


Doesn’t mean either of you is right or wrong.


You’re just incompatible.


Same with different health and fitness options.


There are people for who the ‘gym’ model works.


You know, renting access to some equipment and doing the rest yourself.


There are people who love running, cycling, swimming and every other form of exercise you can think of.


And there are plenty of people who can’t think of anything worse than some or all of the above.


Same with different ways of eating.


Doesn’t mean anyone is wrong if they find they can’t successfully implement a way of exercising or eating into their lives.


They’re just trying to run the wrong software for their operating system.


You wouldn’t get annoyed at your Mac for repeatedly failing to run some Windows programme would you?


You’d find the right thing for it.


Work with it, not against it.


And you wouldn’t get angry at you petrol car for not working when you put diesel in it, would you?


So, if you’ve food a way of exercising and healthy eating you enjoy and can see yourself doing for the rest of your life……


Then carry on my friend 🙂


If not, don’t keep fighting your system.


Find the right thing for you (maybe our GTP programme?).


And watch the magic happen.



Much love,


Jon ‘Dynamo’ Hall and Matt ‘Derren Brown’ Nicholson


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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