Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have probably heard that Donald Trump is all but confirmed to become the Republican presidential nominee for the election later this year.

And you may have noticed that he is a somewhat ‘divisive’ figure.
Although, if I’m being honest, all I’ve seen on Facebook about him is somewhat ‘Anti-Trump’.
But obviously there are plenty of people who must like him and what he’s saying and doing.
So, I decided to do some research.
That’s the way I roll, of course 😉
And it was interesting to see how some of his approaches are similar to the way we do things.
His approaches, not his opinions and beliefs, I’d like to make very clear.
1. He does things differently and is proud of it
Most politicians are generally cordial to each other.
Even when disagreeing they keep it relatively polite.
‘The Donald’ mocks his opposition.
Giving them nicknames like ‘Low Energy Jeb’, ‘Little Marco’ and ‘Lying Ted’.
He promotes his lack of political experience as an advantage as he (and his followers) believe those with political experience are responsible for what they perceive to be a downturn in their country’s fortunes.
You may have noticed we do things differently.
There are more FitPros our there than at any time in industry.
More people who are working in an industry that attempts to help people get slimmer, fitter, healthier and happier.
Yet, as a whole, we have never been fatter, less fit and healthy and unhappier.
And it’s still getting worse.
So why would we do what others do?
It’s not working.
2. He does what others refuse to do
Trump ‘goes places’ that most won’t.
Even if they wanted to.
Whatever anyone thinks about him, there’s no denying he ‘has balls’.
We do what others refuse to.
We invest heavily (time and money) in ourselves.
To ever improve what we do.
Whilst most FitPros recommend that to their clients, but don’t do the same themselves.
We talk about the things most FitPros daren’t.
Such as sex and death (not at the same time, hopefully).
Even though they are two of the major reasons people want to make the changes we are here to help with.
We have the awkward conversations with people that we know are in their best interests.
Rather than just smiling and nodding.
Holding their hand on a path to no results.
3. He’s not afraid to put himself ‘out there’
We don’t want to be famous.
But we do want to help lots of people.
And we know that we have to get our message out in front of lots and lots of people in order to do this.
Whilst most FitPros believe that “If you build it, they will come.”
And are bankrupt within a couple of years.
We know that we need to get out there.
To get in front of you.
Over and over again.
Through these blogs, our videos, podcasts, in person and much more.
If we’re going to stand a chance of helping enough people.
That’s why Donald Trump does things the way he does.
And we do things the way we do.
In two worlds (politics and health) that normally generate huge indifference.
We’re both generating enthusiastic followings.
We’re both getting the results we think are right.
Much love,
Jon ‘
P.S. Just a quick reminder, before we’re misquoted that we don’t necessarily share any actual beliefs with DT 😉
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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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