I was on holiday in Cornwall with my side of the family last week.


On one day we went to Tintagle Castle.


Which was brilliant!


Worth checking out if you’re down that way.


My sister had posted on Facebook asking for recommendations for the area.


With a few suggesting Tintagle.


One friend of hers commented “If you go to Tintagel (thoroughly recommended!) don’t pay the ridiculous price to get onto the island, walk the footpath, you get a great view of the island, a lovely cove (and stunning cave!) And a beautiful walk, all for free!!”


So we went with the expectation that we might do this.


Until we discovered that the island was the main bit.


It was where the actual castle is / was.


And the view from the footpath, whilst lovely, didn’t actually let you see anything on the island.


And it cost only £8.50 for an adult or £21 for a family of five (Charlie’s still free).


We also did the free bits, which were great.


But missing out on going on the island itself and exploring the ruins to save £8.50 seemed like madness.


Especially when we’d made an effort to get there.


We spent the rest of the week making jokes about daft money saving opportunities.


“I know it looks like a nice restaurant, but you do realise we could eat a cheese sandwich in the car park whilst staring through the windows for free, don’t you?”




We get that healthy living can cost more.


Some FitPros will deny this.


Often because their definition of healthier is moving from white bread and pasta to brown.


Healthy, nutritious meals will cost more than the same amount of energy from (for example) cereal, toast, biscuits, etc, etc.


And doing exercise will cost more than not doing it.


Whether it’s a membership to somewhere………


Or just buying the appropriate clothing and / or equipment.


And, whilst we’re all for working smart, big wins and good ROI for your effort……….


These things will, of course, take more time than not doing anything will.




It’s worth it.


Feeling better.


Having more energy.


Liking the way your body looks more.


Being more likely to live longer.


Having a body that is able to do what you want of it (check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting) if you like the sound of these).


And much more.


Makes it more than worthwhile 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Arthur’ Hall and Matt ‘Richard’ Nicholson


P.S. You’ll get those middle names if you’ve been to Tintagle




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Jon Hall

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