Ever been told you don’t want it badly enough?


Unfortunately, there’s a chance you may have been told it by one (or more) of our fellow FitPros.


When you didn’t get the result you said you wanted when you first went to them.


If not, you’ll probably have seen some memes or quotes of Facey saying similar things.


The thing is though……..


There’s nothing wrong with that.


We all have things we don’t want badly enough.


Off the top of my head, hear are a few things that I would like to be better at if it involved very little (or preferably no) effort.


Speaking more languages.




Magic tricks.


But the fact that I have done next to nothing about it suggests I don’t want it all that much.


It’s a nice in theory, but I’m not that bothered.


I’ve been sub 6% body fat.


And whilst I have some awesome pictures with great abs, I’m not willing to do what needs to be done to keep it at that level.


I’d like those abs back in theory.


I just don’t want it enough to do it.


Fair play to those that maintain sub 6% body fat.


I’m just not up for that it practice.


Nobody is perfect.


Everyone has things that they would, in theory, like to be better.


But they don’t want it badly enough.


Nowt wrong with that.


The key, as always, is to make things as easy as possible.


Work on those habits, mindsets, self limiting beliefs, etc.


Find ways of doing things that don’t make it harder than it has to be.


Work smarter, not harder.


Put systems in place.


Then decide how much you want it.


Whatever it is.


How much effort you’re willing to make.


Find that balance of what you are willing to do and the result that gives you.


And go do that.


And never worry about “not wanting it badly enough”.



Much love,


Jon ‘I have one good card trick, if you let me set it up before hand’ Hall and Matt ‘Not mad keen on running either’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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