Take two groups of students.


As with yesterday, do not actually do this.


And, if you do, don’t tell the police I gave you the idea ūüėČ


Get them to hold a grip strength test for as long as they can.




Tell them all to come back in two weeks.


Tell half of them that they are to do some posture correcting exercises everyday.


Retest them after the two weeks.


In both groups the first test will remain, approximately the same.


But, for those that did the posture exercises, their second test will improve.


But not for the others – group one and the group two dudes who didn’t stick to the exercises.


The reason?


The second test is more a measure of willpower and mental resistance.


The two weeks of sticking to the posture exercises has helped develop said willpower a little.


We mentioned yesterday that willpower is a finite resource.


And how challenging it unnecessarily will only lead to depletion and failure.


At the same time though, it is good to hear that it can be strategically improved.


Because, sometimes, it is the only answer.


Sometimes you will find yourself in situations where there’s no way round other than willpower.


Saying no to something someone has offered you unexpectedly.


If you do say yes, that’s cool.


Just do it and don’t worry about it.


Eating badly and stressing about it is miles worse than just eating badly.


But, also know that it gets easier.


The first “No” is the hardest.


And every subsequent one a little easier.


Until you find yourself one day wondering what the problem ever was.


So, don’t challenge your willpower unnecessarily.


But remember it will strengthen over time.


And always remember you’re not actually saying “No” to something you want.


You’re saying “Yes” to something you want even more, just a little but further down the line (the long term change we’re famous for –>¬†myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).



Much love,


Jon ‘Double Entendre’ Hall and Matt ‘Double Impact’ Nicholson





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