This Saturday afternoon the wife and I went to see ‘In Conversation with Professors Brian Cox + Tim O’Brien’, part of the annual Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield.


Yup – the science dude off the TV (and former keyboard player in early 90s Pop Rock band D:Ream).


And another science dude from the University of Manchester and Jodrell Bank.


Having a chat about the Universe.


It was absolutely brilliant.


Mega smart guys these two are.


But it was really interesting to see how aware they were of the limits of their own knowledge.


Many sentences were preceded with phrases like “we currently believe”, “the science seems to suggest” or “our best guess is.”


Pretty much the exact opposite of the average FitPro.


Who happily claims with absolute certainty that what they say is definitely correct.


Having done a 6 week correspondence course.


Or, worse still, those juice salespeople who seems to have all the answers after one day course in pyramid sales (sorry, multi-level marketing).


No one has all the answers.


If they did obesity would be a thing of the past.


Not a sky-rocketing problem.


And the two profs were more than happy to reference others who had done the work they were discussing.


Unlike the average FitPro who you would think had discovered what they were talking about all by themselves.


If there’s one thing we’re good at here, it’s realising the limits of our own knowledge.


And doing the best we can to reduce those limits.


We have a programme that works amazingly well compared to the industry average.


But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot to learn and improvements to be made.


We’re off on another course in London this Saturday.


It’s about mindset (the find-out-more meeting is next Tuesday now if you like the idea of working with people who help you change your habits and mindset rather than just giving you another list of things to do, then being annoyed with you when you struggle to do them –>


With a lady called Byron Katie.


And maybe the second thing we like to think we’re pretty good at is picking the good sources of information we can learn from.


Finding the giants of our industry whose shoulders we can stand on.


And being happy to pay them to teach us.


Rather than just relying on YouTube videos.



Much love,


Jon ‘Things can only get better’ Hall and Matt ‘U R the best thing’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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