One of the biggest things that I would say that I “do” over what you get over joining a gym or the like is ‘accountability’.

With most things, as long as you’re paying, they don’t really care what you’re doing (or not).

In fact, the big box gym model is built on most people not going.

It’s simple maths to check – if they have 5,000 members then that’s 15,000 visits per week if everyone was doing 3 Sessions.

One to two hundred people in there at any one point.

When there’s nowhere near that much space or equipment.

There’s even an expression in gyms like that – “waking the dead”.

Ie: Don’t contact people that haven’t been in for a while as you’ll just remind them they’re paying for a membership that they’re not using and they’re likely to cancel.

That’s not the way we roll.

We chase people up if they haven’t been in and / or done what they’ve said they would.

That’s what accountability is.

It’s done in a nice way.

But there is no accountability if nothing happens when someone doesn’t do what they said they would

And it’s not always a nice feeling to be reminded of that.

Everyone wants accountability.

Until they get it.

I get that.

But, ultimately, success will only come when we become ok with that.

Hiding it won’t make us more likely to achieve the results we desire.

Less, if anything.

Much love,

Jon ‘What does everybody want?’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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