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So I got a response to a blog the other week that might tickle you.

It amused me somewhat.

It was in response to the ‘It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it’ one (myrise.co.uk/its-not-what-youve-got-its-what-you-do-with-it).

From, let’s call her Dan.

Because that’s her name.

“Not sure about all these emails talking about sex education and all the rest?? What the f*!k are you going on about??? Send one more as ive seen loads of these emails!!!
Your either some desperate twat? Or your off your box! Domt like what you sending? Cut it out!!!!”

I’m slightly unsure if she wants me to “send one more” or to “cut it out” as she seems to ask for both. And she seems unsure as to whether she doesn’t like it or not 😉

Now Dan, bless her, subscribed to our mailing list over two years ago.

She filled her email in in a box which said we would (along with general info on what we do) send her our daily blog.

And she then clicked the confirmation link the system sent to confirm she wanted to received our emails.

She’s then opened hundreds of our emails (the system can show opens, but not if they’ve been read. But they definitely hadn’t been popped in to junk or unsubscribed from).

Every single one of which has an unsubscribe link at the bottom (and we mention that the blogs can be unsubscribed from during the subscribing process).

The power to get what she wants (to stop getting our emails) is clearly at her disposal.

Hence my reply:

“Hey Dan,

There’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email we send – would you like me to click it for you?


Funnily enough she hasn’t unsubscribed yet and continues to open these emails.

Hey Dan 🙂

Now this is a slightly extreme example (and one of quite a few similar ones I’ve received over the years for sending people the daily blog they requested).

But, often, the power to get what we want in life is often more easily at out disposal than we might realise.

Often the actual ‘doing’ of what needs to be done isn’t as hard as we might think.

Not saying it’s easy like.

But what’s going on between our ears can make it harder than it has to be.

Getting different foods at the supermarket and / or making smaller portion sizes requires zero additional physical effort.

Sure, there are times when our food choices are somewhat out of our control.

But the overwhelming majority of the time we chose what food we buy and how much of it we eat.

The difficultly is internal.

And that’s not to dismiss said difficulty.

We feel that resistance ourselves.

We get it.

But when we externalise it…………

When we removed the onus of control from ourselves………….

When we put it down to others and to situations……………

When we do the equivalent of being angry and someone for sending them the emails we’ve requested when we could unsubscribe at any point…………

Then we make it much harder than it has to be!

Much love,

Jon ‘Desperate’ Hall and Matt ‘Big Construction Man’ Nicholson

P.S. Yesterday’s middle names – ‘Looking for Eric’ is a film and ‘Looking for Gatsby’ a play

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