Whilst I was away at the end of the last week I had numerous good chats with the guys I was away with.

One conversation was with a friend I sometimes see in a local GloboGym (a change of scenery for me from RISE which is, ultimately, my workplace).

He was telling me about the PT he has there and how he might be leaving as “the rent’s too high and there’s no support”.

Something I’ve heard from many PTs over the years.

Particularly when I used to do 1:1 in gyms many years ago.

From my experience the rent and support only become an issue for a PT when they don’t have enough clients.

I was always fully booked and the rent worked out about 20% of my turnover.

An 80:20 split with the gym is all you can ask for.

I’ve had countless PTs siddle up to me and talk about the rent and support.

None of them were doing what they needed to do to generate enough business.

They were sat in the office or juice bar while I was.

What they needed to do was pretty simple actually.

Talk to everyone.

I chatted to everyone I ever saw.

Learned their names.

Offered a bit of free advice.

Made them aware how else I could help them.

Kept notes and followed up where relevant.

Pretty much what I do now, to be honest.

Little simple things every day that add up to success.

Like so many things.

The workouts that we didn’t feel like doing before hand.

The numerous better choices throughout the week that allowed averaging out of the weekend.

The tactical swaps for things we enjoy just as much but contriute, say 50% of the calories.

The questioning of those mindsets that tell us things like “I’ve ruined it”.

Or “I’ll start again Monday”.

“I’m all or nothing”.

“I’m too busy”.

Those PTs didn’t need a big thing like a reduction in rent or some magic new system from the gym that would turn people into clients for them.

And we don’t need some massive change to what we do or our circumstance to get the results we desire.

Just the right things, little and often.

Much love,

Jon ’em Danno’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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