Green, Blue, Red and Black.


The colour coding of different difficulties of ski runs.


There are, of course, different variations – double diamond blacks, etc.


But that’s the general concept of grading official runs.


And you can, of course, go “off piste”.


Skiing down something that isn’t a recognised route.


Which is cool if that’s what someone fancies doing.


One of our ninjas, Dave, likes getting dropped on remote, inaccessible peaks by a helicopter.


Like you do!


But, what if the ‘off piste’ route didn’t take you where you wanted to go.


You ended up stuck somewhere you didn’t want to be.


Pretty pointless, no?


It’s the same with going ‘off plan’.


We are always clear that what we recommend is a ‘way of living’.


Not a strict diet plan.


A general approach.


And there’s flexibility within that.


As none of us want to live like monks.


We don’t do ‘banned foods’ or eliminate food groups.


But, if people vary too much away from our approach for too long………..


And they don’t get the result they want…………


That’s their choice, of course…………


But, well, we hate to say “I told you so”.


Thinking of foods as banned or “off limits” is rarely an approach that works long term.


People don’t like “being told what to do”.


Thinking of foods as a way of nourishing and powering your body as well as a source of enjoyment, doesn’t always work either.


But it works in a far higher percentage of cases from our experience.


Feel free to go ‘off piste’ here and there.


But make sure you’re following a route that does get you to the bottom of a mountain eventually, yeah?


Not sure of the route?


As always check this link or reply and let us know? –>



Much love,


Jon ‘Apres’ Hall and Matt ‘Sunday’ Nicholson


P.S. Pretty easy middle names there – one point 🙂




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