Imagine it’s snowing.

Your mate comes over to you and says “Bloody hell, it’s cold isn’t it?”
You look him or her up and down and say “Well, yeah, it is. But you are only wearing your pants. Put some more clothes on and it will be less of an issue”
An extreme example, as always.
But we all do similar things.
A common one is……..
Lamenting our metabolism………..
While eating shite……….
Is kinda the same about complaining about the temperature when you have no clothes on.
I have a shitty metabolism.
I eat crap, I get fat.
I have friends who eat crap and don’t.
Not as much at least.
Although, the older we get, the more it is catching up with them.
I could either get annoyed by this, eat crap and get fat.
Or accept it, eat well and not be fat.
Pretty much that simple.
Things sometimes aren’t as we’d like.
We just need to work round them.
Much love,
Jon ‘There is actually a photo of me as a child making a snowman in my pants. But I wasn’t complaining about the temperature’ Hall and Matt ‘Commando’ Nicholson
P.S. We always say “Struggling is fine. Needing help is cool. Not trying isn’t.” If you’re willing to try, but just need some help and direction –>

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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