Don’t worry, if you’re not a golfer.


I’m not.


You’ll still get this.


Imagine you go to the driving range.


It’s pitch black.


You start cracking out balls into the great abyss of black in front of you.


Are you likely to improve?


Maybe a little.


But not much.


You don’t know where the ball went.


You’re missing a vital bit of feedback.


Because, ultimately, feedback is how we learn.


It’s how we get better at anything.


Knowing what result a particular action caused.


And tweaking and refining what we do.


To get a better result over time.


It’s the same with what you need to do to transform your life and body.


Do something.


Whether it’s some exercise, changes in eating, drinking, sleeping, stress management, etc.


If it takes you in the wrong direction, adjust what you’re doing.


If it takes you the right way, keep doing it.


Tweak and refine your approach as you go.


Getting that little bit better each time.


If you wanted to improve your golf, you wouldn’t give up if you didn’t hit a hole in one on your first shot.


Learn from what you do each time.


From the good results and the bad.


There’s no right or wrong.


If it helps you get better, that’s awesome.


If it does the opposite, it’s an opportunity to learn 🙂


Check if you or a friend, want to find out more about how we help people with this 🙂

Much love,


Jon ‘GTI’ Hall and Matt ‘Cabriolet’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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