You may have noticed that the gun attacks in Miami recently caused much less outpouring of support than the Paris attacks.

I’m sure there are multiple reasons.
But a pretty major one is that we are somewhat ‘used’ to gun attacks in America.
Sure, this one was different.
But I’m sure, to many, it kinda felt like the latest in a long line of shootings over there.
America has a very different relationship with guns than we do.
It’s tied into their constitution.
And their general perception of America as a country.
One line often used by those who are pro-gun is…….
“Guns don’t kill people.”
“People kill people.”
Which, regardless of your stance on guns, is a different way to look at it.
It clearly isn’t JUST the availability of guns that is the issue.
If no one wanted to shoot / kill anyone, it wouldn’t matter how many guns and bullets there were.
I was thinking about this the other day.
And an interesting parallel is;
“Calories don’t make people fat.”
Sure they are the things that cause the final ‘damage’.
In the same way that is the gun and bullet that causes the actual death.
It is, ultimately, a case that more calories are going in than out when someone is gaining weight.
Simple physics.
Focusing on the calories as Step 1 isn’t necessarily the best approach.
It’s a bit like replacing bullets with lighter bullets.
It might help a bit.
But there are much bigger issues that need addressing.
Like with the calories.
Focus on the type and quality of the food itself, hydration, sleep, stress, etc………
And the calorie side of it becomes much easier to deal with.
Much love,
Jon ‘Only one Gun Show round here’ Hall and Matt ‘Is there a vet round here, because these swans are sick!’ Nicholson
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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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