For the last 15 years I’ve had between one and five starts per week of 5.00 or 5.30am.


I’ve never really found it that much of a problem.


Because it’s not really optional.


Don’t get up and I’ll lose my job / business.


Last Thursday I wanted to run through something with Coach Bernie.


And the only time I could realistically get in when she was in was first thing on Thursday.


Which meant getting up at 5.30.


When I didn’t really have to.


It could’ve waited till this week.


To be fair it could wait indefinitely.


A new system I want to put in here that is useful but not absolutely essential.


Getting up that morning was considerably harder.


A reminder for me of what it’s like for members.


Not just those in at 6 or 7am.


But anyone having to make a special effort to get in on time.


Which, to some degree, is everyone.


I was very tempted not to bother.


Just this once.


But, from my experience……..


Both personal and from working with thousands of people over the years……..


Each time we make a choice……..


We’re making it slightly more likely that we’ll make that choice next time.


Don’t do something when you could………


And it’s a little more likely that you won’t do it next time you could.


Eat badly when you could eat well……….


And it’s a little more likely you’ll do the same next time.


And, of course, the opposite is true.


Each decision that takes us in the direction we want to go in means it’s a little more likely that we’ll do the same next time.


Our decisions shape us (decisions such as clicking this link  –>


And, as always, knowing and remembering that, is that important first step……….


To making the decisions we know we actually want to 



Much love,


Jon ‘Face, bothered?’ Hall and Matt ‘Prefer lates’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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