Imagine you used to watch tiddlywinks.

Enjoyed it.
But kinda mainly watched it because everyone else you know seems to.
Then one day you discover football (or rugby or basketball or anything you enjoy more than tiddlywinks).
And you start watching that instead.
You lose interest in tiddlywinks.
Football (or whatever) is much more interesting to you and you enjoy it more.
Your old tiddlywinks watching pals get annoyed.
“You’re so boring now”
“Why’ve you ‘cut out’ tiddlywinks?”
“You need tiddlywinks to get a balance”
You’d probably reply with something like;
“I wouldn’t say I’ve ‘cut out’ tiddlywinks. I’ve just found something else that I think is better”
It’s the same with food changes.
There are certain foods that our ninjas who get the best results rarely have.
Bread, pasta, cereals, sweets, crisps, sugary drinks, cakes, etc.
But they wouldn’t say they’ve ‘cut them out’.
They’re just already full of other stuff.
Nutritious, healthy AND tasty foods ( if you like the sound of eating in a way that gets you results AND is tasty).
Stuff that will make them feel and look better.
They’d have to cut down on that to fit in stuff that would do the opposite.
In the same way they’d have to watch less football to watch more tiddlywinks.
People can eat however they like.
Who are we to tell you what you should put in your body?
But we never find labeling ways of eating really helps.
Words and phrases like ‘cut out’, ‘elimination’, ‘paleo’, ‘diet’, ‘restrict’ and so on, rarely seem to help.
If the way you eat is getting you a body and life you’re happy with, crack on 🙂
If it’s not, eat something else.
It’s pretty much that simple.
Don’t over complicate it.
Much love,
Jon ‘Kerplunk’ Hall and Matt ‘Subbuteo’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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