You may or may not know that my Dad was a Dairy Farmer.

Retired now.
When I was growing up, I’d often help out on the farm and accompany him on various errands.
Usually to agricultural supply places.
Where the staff would, invariably take the mickey out of me.
‘Banter’ I suppose you call it.
But there was this one guy that said something that really stuck with me.
I was getting the supplies I needed for some job.
I forget what, where or who he was.
But, I remember what he said.
I was trying to think of all the things I might need for a job I was doing.
And he stopped me.
And told me about how he liked to ‘Stalk a job’.
To take those extra few minutes to really think it through.
Every possible step.
All the possible outcomes.
Any problems that might occur.
Everything that might be needed at every stage under any possible circumstances.
That getting it right at this stage could save a lot of time and effort later.
The 5 minutes now would usually be repaid many time over when you got the job right first time.
And I’ve remembered that advice, and particularly that term, ever since.
And, of course, it doesn’t just need to be for fixing gates and the like.
You can ‘stalk’ any job you have to do.
You can ‘stalk’ your day and week to make it as healthy as possible as easily as possible.
Taking 5 minutes to really stop and think about what’s happening in the coming days……..
Where you will get your meals from?
What options there will be?
What potential ‘unexpected changes’ are there are to that?
What can you do in those situations?
Where and when is it possible to get healthy food sorted before its needed, so it’s there when it is?
‘Stalking’ the week like that can mean eating healthily can be quicker and cheaper than what most people do.
30 minutes extra batch cooking lunches on a Sunday night versus the time and cost involved in popping Starbucks five times.
Doing an online shop at the weekend so you have all the good stuff in that you need.
‘Stalk’ your week for success!
Much love,
Jon ‘It’s only stalking if they know you’re doing it’ Hall and Matt ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ Nicholson
P.S. We’ve had a lot of people asking recently why they have to wait for a briefing meeting rather than just start coming straight away.
It’s because we run a structured programme that progresses throughout the month. Places that let people in at any point are just doing random workouts you can dip in and out of.
And the difference in results of the two approaches shows why we do it out way.
Plus any spaces on the programme always fill up at the briefing meeting, so there wouldn’t be room to come in mid month anyway.
Check if you want to find out more about what we do and why we get such great results every month whilst most of the local ‘competition’ are still yet to produce even their first success story.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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