You seen the 2000 film Memento with Guy Pearce?


Follows the story of a guy with no medium or long term memory.


After a head injury, he’s incapable of remembering new things for more than a matter of minutes.


Each scenes starts with him dazed and confused, trying to workout what’s happening from a series of clues he’s left himself.


Some from minutes ago.


Some longer term.


He has tattoos on his body informing him of certain things he’s found out at various points.


Scraps of paper with notes on.


And so on.


He knows he can’t rely on his memory to get him where he needs to be.


So has put some systems in place.


Wise dude.


We can, of course, do the same.


We get that, sometimes, people just ‘forget’ to do certain things.


To go for their workout, buy or eat certain things and so on.


We get that, because we’re as guilty as anyone.


Once the other 473 other things we have to remember and think about on a daily basis come into play……….


It’s easy for things, especially new things, to slip through the cracks.


So, putting systems in place that minimise the need for things like memory and will power, is a great shortcut to success.


We’re often great at putting systems in place in our work to make sure things happen, but don’t always take the same approach in our personal lives.


For example, I use Google Keep synchronised through apps on my phone and iPad and the desktop on my laptop.


Everything goes in there.


Even if I think I’ll remember it.


There’s usually 100+ things in there.


Some aren’t particularly urgent.


Some are.


All categorised (home, work, computer, blog ideas, shopping, etc).


This blog started as an idea on my phone, was 3/4 written during my two oldest sons’ gymnastics on my iPad and is now being finished off on my laptop.


Many with some sort of reminder.


Either time based (next Monday morning, every first Tuesday of the month, etc).


Or location based (when I’m in the club, in Tesco, etc).


Works great for making sure I remember to do everything – stuff related to my health and fitness included.


And for reducing that feeling of overwhelm when you’ve got too much banging around your head.


You can do something similar.


Tech based or on pen and paper.


Something to make sure the things you want to do get done.


Treat your personal life like you would work.


Project manage it.


Make it as simple and effective as possible.


Don’t rely on just remembering stuff.



Much love,


Jon ‘Queen of the Desert’ Hall and Matt ‘Neighbours” Nicholson


P.S. Again, pretty easy middle names – just one point.


P.P.S. Yesterday’s middle names were, of course Abba songs. As was ‘Money Money Money’. The bonus point? They were all from 1976.


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