On March 30th 1981 a man called John Hinckley tried to assasinate new President Ronald Reagan.


Apparently convinced his actions would impress actress Jodie Foster he fired three shots at the President as he approached his car outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C.


At the first shot is fired two agents automatically bundle the president into the open car and it speeds away.


A third agent instinctively ‘makes himself large’ shielding the president and taking the second bullet.


I’ll link you a video later, but it is an amazing display of training kicking in in just a fraction of a second.


But, ultimately, that is to be expected.


They have one job and one job only.


Make sure the President remains alive.


Everything they do works towards that one goal.




It’s the same with what we do.


Our one job is to get you results.


To do what needs to be done to enable you to make the changes to your life and body that you want to do.


Too many FitPros seem to forget this.


It’s great if we get on well as we do it.


We’ve become good friends with a number of members.


But, ultimately, you’ve come to see us for results (or are thinking about it – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if that’s you).


Sometimes we have to have ‘challenging’ conversations with people.


Sometimes we have to call them on their self-limiting beliefs / restrictive thought / bull-shit.


Sometimes (most days) these blogs annoy a number of people.


But, as long as we’re getting people results (as the hundreds of before and afters in the club and hundreds of 5* reviews on the internet suggest we are), that’s cool with us 😉




Just a quick one today – about to set off for day two of the Poliquin course in Manchester.


Got some great ‘knowledge bombs’ from Day 1 that we’ll be sharing soon 🙂


And I’ve got another course this weekend!


Packing them in while my boys are away with their mum.



Much love,


Jon ‘Chester A Arthritis’ Hall and Matt  ‘Jebeditis’ Nicholson


P.S. 10 points for those middle names


P.P.S. Here’s the video of the Regan assassination attempt –> Clicky

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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