The other week, during the summer hols, I had a day with all three kids in Manchester.


We all drove in, dropped the wife at work and we went to the National Football Museum for the day.


We met the wife for lunch at a place nearby that she’d booked.


She’d find it through one of these card thingys she’s got that offer discounts at certain places.


So we ate for a fiver each.


I mentioned this to the server when we arrived.


And he looked somewhat irritated by it.


When we went to pay the bill, it was full price.


So Alex reminded him of the card and he reduced just one of the meals.


She told him it covered all meals and he, begrudgingly, reduced them all.


Daft really.


Firstly we probably wouldn’t have gone there without (or even heard of it), so they got our custom where they wouldn’t have.


But, more importantly………


They chose to sign up for that system in the first place.


No one was making them offer reduced price meals.


They had, willingly, agreed to do that.


They had chosen this outcome.


It’s often the same when you get something off Wowcher, Group-on, etc.


They usually look somewhat annoyed that you’re paying less.


And / or that the voucher company are taking a big cut too.


But, again, they signed up to that system.


They have chosen for that to happen.




The parallel here, of course, is when people complain about things they have freely chosen to do to themselves.


Choose to eat and drink a certain way and then gain weight because of it?


And then complain about that?


About how “It’s not fair”………


When you willingly chose to do it and there were other options?


As always, these blogs, aren’t designed to ‘have a go’.


It’s to help people gain clarity.


As we’ve mentioned before, it’s human nature to try and absolve ourselves of responsibility in a lot of circumstances.


That ‘Psychological Immune System’ protecting us again.


People often assume that we live like monks – just eating chicken and broccoli, no alcohol, etc.


Not true.


We like a drink (check if you like the sound of somewhere that isn’t just about chicken, broccoli and burpees)


We have ‘bad’ days / weeks / weekends.


But, knowing that the results that brings are, 100%, our choice and responsibility, is key.


Not saying it’s easy.


But, the realisation that everything we do is our choice…….


And the results that brings are part of that choice…….


And that there is nothing to complain about when that happens…….


Is empowering.


And it’s where lasting change can begin 🙂
Much love,


Jon ‘Couch-er’ Hall and Matt ‘Buxt-on’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall

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