Here it is.


How to lose weight in three easy steps.


1. Google “How to lose weight”


2. Click on any of the 125,000,000 results that come up in 0.41 seconds and read what it says


3. Do the above for the rest of your life


You see, there’s no secret to weight loss.


Everything is out there.


Pretty much everything we could tell you, int terms of the ‘what to do’, is already available for free on the internet.


A lack of information is not the issue.


If anything, too much information is.


When most people ask a supposed expert for advice on how to lose weight……..


Said expert will just tell them what to do.


“Cut calories”


“Track you macros”


“Only eat before 4pm”


“Go paleo”


“Do slimming world, weight watchers, etc”


With no questions as to what you’ve done before.


What you found difficult.


Why you struggled to maintain it.


What you were unsure or confused about.


Just another list of instructions to follow.


A list you’ve probably heard before (or, at least, very similar).


In my humble opinion, if the extent of an “expert’s” ability to help you can be found for free via Google……..


They’re not much of an expert.


The key to making lasting change where people have struggled before is rarely to try the same approach (or some slight variation) again.


It is, in part, to question why it didn’t work before.


Then do some combination of the the following:


1. Find a version that takes them in the right direction, but they find maintainable (hopefully what we do, if you’re not a ninja already –>


2. Question certain parts of why they struggled to maintain it – self limiting beliefs, mindsets, habits, etc.


Finding that sweet spot of the above two points, individual to that person, is where the success lies.


Not another list of instructions.



Much love,


Jon ‘How for now’ Hall and Matt ‘Art Attack’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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