“He’s not my daddy” [“Granddad Dave is”]

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You may or may not know that I have a blended family.

My wife and I.

My two older sons.

Her daughter .

Our son together.

The big three were 1, 1 and 3 when we got together so they don’t remember anything different.

My step daughter calls me Jon.

And the boys call Alex Alex.

The little one, fairly obviously, calls us Mummy and Daddy.

He’s always coped brilliantly with his siblings coming and going.

He got a bit confused the other day though.

About why my step daughter doesn’t call me “Daddy”.

And, slightly oddly, why my wife doesn’t call me “Daddy”.

“Why don’t you call Daddy Daddy?” was his exact question.

“Because he’s not my Daddy. Grandad Dave is” she explained.

Because, of course, words like “Mummy” and “Daddy” are relative terms.

They only work when used in relation to to another person.

We use a lot of relative terms.

Often without realising it.

And it doesn’t always set us up for success.

We call a way of eating a “diet” because it’s different to how we’re used to eating.

Even though it might just be “eating” to someone else.

We think of changes as “restrictive” and / or “boring” because it involves changes from what we’ve, essentially, decided is ‘normal’.

When we could choose to view it as ‘freeing’ and ‘fun’……….. because it enables us to expand into different food choices to what we might have made before………… try new recipes………. and create a body and energy levels that allow more options and more enjoyment in other areas of our life.

We see exercise as a use of time and energy because that’s what it feel likes when we first start or are stop-start with it, when we could see it as an investment in the time and energy available for the other 160+ hours in the week.

As always, there’s no point lying to ourselves.

The way we choose to reframe to has to, at least, show some evidence of beginning to come true.

So…….. what ‘relative terms’ do you use that you could reframe to set you up for more success where you want it?

Much love,

Jon ‘Frame by frame’ Hall

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