The other week I posed you a question in the ‘Which would you go for’ blog.


Got another one here for you.


Imagine there’s an outbreak of some imaginary deadly disease.


Would you rather save 200 people for defintie, or attempt to save 600 people with a 33 percent likelihood of success?


Now imagine you can choose between the risk of letting 600 people die with a probability of 67 percent that they would die, or letting 400 people die for sure.


Which would you go for.


As with the other blog, these two questions produce very different results when tested.


Despite being, essentially, exactly the same.


There is, of course, the whole gain vs. loss thing I talked about before.


But, it’s also a great example of how phrasing a question can lead to a very different response.


Its something we all do all the time.


Phrasing questions to others in a way we think will maximise the chance of getting the response we want.


How we approach conversations with our other halves, friends, colleagues, bosses, etc.


And we can do the same with ourselves.


With our internal self talk.


When someone asks “Would you like a lovely bit of cake? It tastes great”……..


We can rephrase that to “Do I want to do something that I will enjoy for a few seconds but then immediately regret? And will contribute to my continued dislike of my body”


We can change “What do I fancy for tea?”……..


To “What meal will I enjoy eating and will also help me lose weight and feel better?”.


“Shall I workout this week” becomes…….


“When will I do my workouts this week”.


And so on.


Change the question and you change the answer.


Try it 🙂


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