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I’ve mentioned a few times recently how that, when calorie matched there is no difference (from a weight loss perspective) between different diets / ways of eating and different types of exercise.


Ie: Points, Intermittent Fasting, Slimming World, Atkins, etc all preform the same when calories in vs. calories out are matched.


As does interval training / HIIT, low intensity ‘fat burning’ workouts, etc.


If, under controlled, laboratory style circumstances they are matched for energy balance, they all give the same result.


Just talking about ‘weight’ – not what that weight is made up of or about health, fitness or anything else.


The thing is though………….


Our lives are rarely like a lab.


long term fitness results


Try as we might, we struggle to ‘control’ for other factors.


Our mate tells us about this great new diet that’s caused them to drop weight rapidly……….


Neglecting to realise that, as part of this new health kick, they’re doing more exercise and eating and drinking less.


Everything we’ve ever tried or could try will work equally well (from a purely weight loss perspective) if we control the variables like in a lab.


But we can’t do that.


Long Term Fitness Results


So, with that in mind, the ‘method’ for us to chose should be the one that gets us the best results, LONG TERM.


If it doesn’t meet both of these two conditions, it’s pointless;


1. Takes you in the right direction

2. You can do it, give or take, for the rest of your life


Whatever the supposed reason behind a method’s success (hormones, some sort of reset, detoxing, etc), it doesn’t really matter.


If it gets you long term fitness results and you can keep doing it indefinitely (and it’s not bad for your health)………..


That’s the important bit 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Coat’ Hall and Matt ‘Rat’ Nicholson



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