How many times have you seen a football tournament won just by hoofing the ball up front and hoping for the best?

How many rugby tournaments won solely by the long kick down field?
How many World Series (baseball) have been won only by ‘swinging for the fences’?
Sure, they come in there somewhere.
And they are the bits that we remember.
Geoff Hurst’s injury time drilling the ball in off the crossbar in 66.
Jonny Wilkinson’s 45 yard drop goal in Sydney in 2003.
Mickey Mantle putting his first pitch into the right field seats in 64.
They’ll all live for ever as memories.
But did they win the overall tournament?
They were the icing on the cake.
But the win came from grinding out points / goals / yards throughout the tournament or season.
From consistent application of the basics over time.
‘Swinging for the fences’ alone never leads to long term success.
It’s a mistake we all make from time to time with our health / fitness / weight loss goals.
Trying to hammer it in from our own half.
Going in full steam ahead, all or nothing.
And then stopping when the progress doesn’t come as quickly as we’d like.
There’s nothing wrong with the odd quick break.
But it needs to come on the back of consistent, sustained pressure.
A build up of momentum.
This should, hopefully, work for England in the Euros.
We’ve been playing some fairly nice football.
Just not putting it away.
And I can guarantee it will work for you.
It’s not sexy.
But it’s the only way to sustained, lasting results.
Continued application of the basics.
Healthy eating and regular exercise 95% of the year.
The odd ‘swing for the fences’.
A concerted push in the run up to a holiday or other event.
But, don’t let up that steady pressure
Straight back on it every time you don’t ‘score’.
No letting up.
Much love,
Jon ‘Watched the Wales game in my sons’ school last week. It was amazing. No years of disappointment and disillusionment. Just passion and enthusiasm. Cheering and chanting for their heroes’ Hall and Matt ‘1/4 Welsh you know’ Nicholson
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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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