Imagine someone told you that they kept not quite reaching a destination they were looking for.


You kinda knew where it was.


And they described the route they took and it kinda sounded about right.


“I took a left, then a bit later a right then went on a few miles” and so on.


It sort of matches what you know about the route.


But it’s not precise enough to really know what’s happening.


And, obviously, something’s going a bit wrong as they’re not getting there.


You’d probably ask to see a map.


Maybe get them to plot on there where they’ve been going.


So you can work out between you what needs to be tweaked to get there.




I’m sure you’ve realised that I’m parralleling here.


Note: I’ve just made that word up, but I like it!


It’s what I do in these blogs, innit?


Start talking about one thing.


Then, seamlessly, segue into something else to do with weight loss, fitness, health, habits, mindset, etc.


It would be pretty boring if I just came straight out and said the second bit, wouldn’t it?




So, the parallel is, of course, the equivalent to the map on the olde weight loss journey.


People often describe what they eat to me and it all sounds very good.


But if they’re not losing weight as they’d like, there’s obviously something ‘going a bit wrong as they’re not getting there’.


The equivalent to the map?


The thing that will help us find where those adjustments can be made.


Three days of food tracking with MyFitnessPal (a free food tracking app you can download).


I don’t expect people to track everything they eat for the rest of their lives.


That would be thoroughly miserable.


If that’s what needed to be done, I wouldn’t do it, I know that.


But, three days?


For a total of several minutes effort.


Will help no end.


Probably the best 10 or so minutes you could spend if you’re wanting to lose weight.


I’ve never known anyone to do it and not find it worthwhile.


Sometimes you realise as you’re doing it where the tweaks can be made.


Portion size and / or protein, fat and carb ratios are the common ones.


Sometime it might no be so obvious – send us some screen grabs and we’ll have a look 🙂


Simply search for MyFitnessPal on your app store.


Download it.


Enter your details.


Maybe adjust the protein, carb and fat ratios to something like 35:35:30.


There’s a little post here on how to do that –>


Record for three days.


And let us know if you’re not sure where to make tweaks for better results 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Amp’ Hall and Matt ‘Pam’ Nicholson


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