Dateline: Yesterday afternoon about 2.40pm.
Location: Big Tesco on Hibel Road.
I was on the way to drop my two oldest sons with their mum’s boyfriend before heading up to Manchester for a trip to Total Ninja (a Ninja Warrior park).
Before moving on to my weekly high diving lesson at the Manchester Aquatic Centre.
And then picking up my step daughter from her Dad’s on the way back.
I’d stopped to get fuel.
And as I replaced the nozzle in its holder, I realised what I’d done.
I’d put unleaded in a diesel car.
Which, I’m sure you know, isn’t a good idea.
Thankfully, I realised before I started the car.
So it didn’t end up in the engine.
But it was still a massive inconvenience.
I had to arrange for the boys to be collected.
A lift into Manchester.
And my poor wife (and one year old) had to walk down later to meet the AA man, wait in the cold while it was sorted then drive up to Manchester to get us both.
All because I put the wrong fuel in.
Putting the wrong fuel in is never a good idea.
When we do it to our bodies, it doesn’t immediately grind to a halt………
But it definitely affects how we feel.
Our energy levels, mood and more.
Over time, the way our bodies look.
And, all else being equal, how long they’ll last us.
The human body isn’t designed to he powered by sugar and caffeine as it often is nowadays.
We never expect that people will see food as purely fuel.
It’s still a source of enjoyment and pleasure, of course.
But all our most successful long term transformations come………
When people stop seeing the changes to their eating as deprivation, restriction, dieting and willpower (it’s the find out more meeting tomorrow night if you’re fed up of willpower based approaches –>………
And start to want to reward their body with nourishing AND tasty meals that will, over time, make them look and feel great.
Much love,
Jon ‘ Thankfully the wife has done a few silly things over the years so I’ve still got a few in the bank’ Hall and Matt ‘Never sold a car at a loss’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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