This last Saturday I went to the wife’s work’s Summer Ball.


A black tie do in a marque at Lymm Rugby Club.


Twas a good night.


For the entertainment they had a pair of magician do a number of tricks on stage.


One of them was an interactive trick involving everyone in the room.


We all had a pack of 6 cards hidden under our placemat.


We had to remember the top one.


Then we were all instructed to tear them in half across the middle.


Then do a certain combination of moves with them.


“Take the top halves to the bottom of the pack”


“Pass the next 3 to your right”


“One to the left”


“Top three to the bottom”




Went on for a good 20-30 instructions.


At the end you were to take the top two halves and put them together.


Look what happened with mine:


Yup – it was the top card I started with.


However, I was the only one on my table for who it had worked.


The wife and the rest of the table, who are all an awful lot smarter than me, had two random halves.


“I did what they said, it just didn’t work!” a few of them said.


Of course, they hadn’t followed the instructions.


They had generally tried to.


And mostly had.


But they’d missed something in there.


And the outcome wasn’t what it would have been.


Hard to pinpoint where they’d gone wrong.


But, as my card showed, if they had done what had been requested, it would have worked.




It’s the same with our programme.


When a member occasionally has a disappointing result, they sometimes say “But, I did exactly what you told me to.”


It doesn’t take long in conversation to work out that they haven’t quite.


That they’ve done the basic gist.


But there’s something in there that they’ve missed.


Or miss-understood.


They’ve often scan read or half listened to our recommendations.


And interpreted it in a not quite right way.


Or just missed or forgotten whole sections.


Sometimes it will be food related.


Often they’ve read that we recommend a balanced diet.


Which, for most people coming in on the standard ‘Mega-High Carb Diet’ means reducing their carbs and increasing healthy fats and protein.


And they’ve completely cut out all carbs.


Or they’ll have got the food bit right but not adjusted caffeine, alcohol and / or water intake.


Or looked at sleep and stress.


Or common nutritional deficiencies.


Having worked with thousands of people over the years, we’ve found that in every single one who does what we recommend, it works.


At different speeds in different people, sure.


But if it’s not happening, there’s something not been done.


If you are a member, it’s not happening and you’re not sure why, then let’s have a chat.


Let’s figure out why.


Or go back and re-watch your Phase video on the member’s site.


If you know what you’re missing and struggling to do it, that’s cool.


That’s a different situation.


But still one we can work on.


Let’s have a chat and we’ll decide where to go with that too.


If you’re not already a member and like the sound of being helped to figure out what you’re missing, or how to actually incorporate what you know you should be doing into your already busy and stressful life –> /briefing-meeting 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘I told the wife I probably got it right because I’m so good at doing what I’m told’ Hall and Matt ‘Dynamo’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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