Us humans are very good at giving reasons for things that, shall we say, aren’t the entirety of the story.

We often round things up quite a bit.

It’s easy when life means that we can’t do the version of something that we might like to do……..

That we, essentially, do nothing at all.

It’s a fairly regular conversation that I have with people where they give their reasons for not having exercised for a while.

Some version of being “too busy” being the usual justification.

Which I get.

I know how busy we all are.

But being “too busy” isn’t the answer to why we haven’t exercised at all in a month or more.

The question wasn’t “Why haven’t you exercised 12 times in the last month?”

Because, if we’re honest with ourselves, we could have done something in that time frame.

We could have done a number of workouts.

Maybe some shorter ones?

But we told ourselves it wasn’t worth doing.

If exercise is “movement done with intention of maintaining or improving some aspect of health and fitness” can we really ever be “too busy” to do even a few minutes of that over the 40,000+ minutes in a month?

Not only does a little bit of exercise still have benefit (check the research if you don’t believe me)……….

But it makes more exercise next week more likely.

The answer to “Why haven’t I done 12 in club / gym workouts in a month” can be “I’ve been too busy”.

The answer to “Why haven’t I done any exercise in a month?” can’t be.

Much love,

Jon ‘Baker’s Dozen’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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