I know I said I’d cover the ‘Second thing’ from Friday’s blog today.


But, I’ve put that back till tomorrow.


As I got a great message over the weekend that I thought I’d share with you 🙂

However well you know us, you may have noticed that noticed that our approach to what we do……..
Is a mixture……..
Of support……….
And of, shall we say, the occasional ‘kick up the ass’.
A combination of providing an environment where people feel comfortable.
Of creating a supportive family of like minded people on the same journey together.
Of creating various systems to help people along the way.
Of calling people out on their self limiting beliefs.
Of, when it’s appropriate, telling them the cold, hard truth.
Of helping them gain clarity on their reality.
## I’m a poet, and I don’t know it ##
And, you may have noticed that, sometimes, people don’t like that.
Which is cool with us.
Although we get on well with our clients and become good friends with many of them………
They haven’t come to us because they want a new friend.
They’ve come to us because they want results.
And, you may have noticed, results is what we do (approaching 300 transformation pictures and stories now, compared to all the other ‘group programmes’ that have sprung up around Macc since we started that appear to have a grand total of zero between them).
We had a great example of this recently.
This particular person is happy for their story to be shared, anonymously.
A few details have been omitted or made a bit more vague so it’s not obvious who it is.
But what happened and the quotes are exactly right.
This member left us a while ago.
After I had had a somewhat frank conversation with her.
In conversation, I questioned some of her self limiting beliefs around how she ‘had to’ live her life the way she was.
How it was ‘different’ for her.
And how certain things ‘couldn’t be helped’.
As it often does, the truth hurt.
And she chose to go elsewhere.
To see someone who’s style is a little more ‘holding hands’.
Who’s response to these self limiting beliefs is a bit more “poor you.”
Which is cool.
I’d never tell any other FitPros how they should do their job.
But, after slow but steady progress with us.
This new approach led to fairly substantial weight gain.
Until, out of the blue, a while ago I get a PM on Facebook.
“I’ve come to the realisation that you were right all along.”
“I didn’t need someone to hold my hand. I need someone to call me on my bullshit and to give me a kick up the arse from time to time.”
She’s been back a while now and is back to good forward progress.
Which is awesome.
Now, we’re not perfect.
We’ve been called out on our own bullshit many times.
We’ve paid people more successful than us to help us realise where our self limiting beliefs lie.
Where we are holding ourselves back.
We all do it.
And realising it, as always, is the important first step to changing it
So, if you’re already with us, but not getting the progress you like, then let’s have a chat.
Reply to this or let’s talk next time you’re down at the club.
Let’s work out what’s holding you back and how we can help you get round it.
If you’re not already with us and you like the sound of actually getting some amazing, life changing results………
Rather than just having smoke blown up your ass……..
Then here’s where you need to go –> www.thacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting

The meeting is tomorrow night!

Much love,
Jon ‘Thing T. Thing’ Hall and Matt ‘Cousin It’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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