I was listening the the wireless on the way to work the other day.


Bit of Billy Joel comes on.


Not ‘Uptown Girl’, the other one.


#### Apologies to Billy Joel fans for my limited knowledge ####


‘My life’ it’s called.


The last bit of the chorus goes:


“I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life

Go ahead with your own life and leave me alone”


Tis a great point and a lesson we can all learn.


If we allow ourselves, we can spend half our lives (or more) bothered about what other people think.


And letting that affect our decisions and actions.


Which, ultimately, drives how our lives actually turn out.


There are people out there that don’t like us.


Some even hate us by the looks of it (less successful FitPros particularly).


That’s cool.


It’s their choice.


Someone else’s opinions are none of our business.


But, plenty of people love us.


Like marmite we are.


But we are us.


One of the reasons what we do works so well is that we have the strength of conviction to do what we think is right.


RISE is, and always will be, our ‘pure’ vision.


Not an amalgamation of every ‘suggestion’ we ever get.


We’ll always listen to feedback.


Act on some of it fits in with what we believe.


Ignore plenty.


If you try and please everyone you end up pleasing no one.


This is our life and we will live it exactly how we want to.


For those that want to come along for the ride, that is awesome 🙂


For those that don’t, that’s fine too.




Your life is your life, you know?


No one else’s.


Live it how you see fit.


Do what you know, deep in your heart of hearts, to be right.


Anyone doesn’t like it, they can get off the ride.


If living your life to make someone else happy makes YOU unhappy, then that’s no good to anyone.


They’re not getting the REAL you.


You’re not happy.


Someone doesn’t like that you’re starting to eat healthily?


F&@k ’em!


If that makes them feel bad about their own choices, that’s not your fault.


Someone doesn’t like that you won’t get hammered with them every weekend?


Not your problem.


Someone who doesn’t like the real you isn’t worth having in your life.


If they only liked a fake version of you then they never really liked the REAL you anyway.


Works both ways too.


People want to eat unhealthy food, that’s cool.


It’s their decision.


Despite last week’s accusation of ‘fat shaming’, we believe anyone can live their life however they like, as long as they’re not hurting anyone.


The general point?


It’s your life.


Do what you want with it.


It’s no one else’s.



Much love,


Jon ‘She’s Always A Woman’ Hall and Matt ‘An Innocent Man’ Nicholson


P.S. I’m afraid I had to google for those middle names 😉

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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