“I don’t / didn’t feel like it”


Is a line we hear regularly.


Whether people are talking about exercising, eating healthily or anything else.


“Don’t you ever not feel like it?” is a question we often get too.


And the answer?


“Yeah. All the time”


If we could get the things we want to without doing the things that need to be done, we would.


If we could be in shape, be healthy, have good energy levels, sleep well, maximise the chance of a long and healthy life, etc


WITHOUT working out


And by eating chocolate and ice cream


Then we would.


That would be awesome 🙂


But it’s not the case.


And we realised long ago that if you wait till you ‘feel like it’ to do something ……


Then you’ll be waiting a long time.


Much as I enjoy my ‘job’, I don’t really ‘feel like’ getting up at 5am.


If I could do just as much with a lie in, I’d do it.


But I can’t.


If I could raise the kids to be responsible, sensible, well balanced young people without it being so bloody hard, that would be great.


But if there is a way to do that, I haven’t figured it out yet.


I’ve accepted I need to do certain things for the things I want to happen, to happen.


If we wait for ‘motivation’ …….


If we wait until we ‘feel like it’ …….


Then it’ll never / rarely happen.


As Nike say ‘Just Do It’


That’s the important bit 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Prefers chocolate and ice cream to chicken and broccoli’ Hall and Matt ‘Who doesn’t’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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