Have you ever looked at your bank account and said to yourself “I have no idea how there’s so much money in there?”

I would assume not.

I definitely haven’t.

The exact opposite, if anything.

But even if we’re initially unsure why they’re so little money in there it’s normally pretty easy to find out.

And, ultimately, whatever has been happening, we know that we’ve just been taking out more than we’ve been putting in.

And, in short, our body fat is the same.

If our balance is increasing, it’s because we’ve been putting in more than we’ve been taking out.

Of course, they are other considerations around “healthy eating” (and eating in general).

And different people’s numbers are different.

But, like we can’t increase the number of pounds in the storage that is our bank without putting more in than we’re taking out……..

We can’t increase the amount of energy stored in the energy storing system that is our body fat without putting in more energy than we’re taking out.

Much love,

Jon ‘Very empty bank account after those six wasted flights’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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