“I don’t need any any help” [Nobody does]

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People sometimes ask how old our members are.

And it’s a hard question to answer.

There’s quite a range.

We have a couple of members born AFTER I started worked in the fitness industry (which slightly freaks me out).

We have plenty who’d started working a few decades before I was born.

But there is a noticeable difference between the age spread of male and female members.

There’s a much wider variation of ages amongst the female members.

All of the youngest and oldest members are female.

And everything in between.

The men are, on average, more central.

Less younger ones and less older ones.

There’s every age of both, of course – but there’s a definite pattern overall.

From my experience, there’s a couple of reasons behind this.

Older men are, on average, more likely to feel they can’t do this anymore.

Injuries, aches and pains, etc.

I was about to insert “rightly or wrongly”.

But it’s wrongly really – we can scale all sessions around all injuries, variations in fitness, etc.

And younger men are more likely to want to do their own thing.

Go it alone.

Joining somewhere like here requires people to recognise that they’d benefit from a bit of assistance.

Men, on average, take more years of doing it by themselves and it not happening, before they’re ready to take this on board.

A lot of us don’t like to feel that we “need help”.

More so when we’re young.

Us men especially.

The Beatles even wrote a song about it:

When I was younger, so much younger than today
I never needed anybody’s help in any way
But now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured
Now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors

I think the word we all struggle with is “need”.

We don’t like to feel we “need help”.

It’s powerful to accept that we don’t in fact “need” help……..

But we’d benefit from it.

Always have done, always will.

We wouldn’t have gotten very far as a new born without some parental assistance.

Even at our most independent, we constantly benefit from the actions of those immediately around us and those further removed.

If we had to figure everything out independently, rather than being able to study the work of those that preceded us and stand on the shoulders of giants……..

If we had to build our own house, car, etc……..

Create our own method of making an income from scratch………

And so on………

We wouldn’t be living the life we are now.

We accept help willingly in so many ways.

Why not the most important way?

Our health and fitness.

The thing that underpins everything else.

We’ve covered before that the lone wolf always starves.

We know we’re better off reaching out, getting help and succeeding…….

Than we are not getting what we desire by ourselves.

We don’t “need” help……..

But we’ll benefit from it.

Hit me up if you’re ready to benefit from some help!

Much love,

Jon ‘Lennon’ Hall

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