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I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I spend my Thursdays in Bakewell.

And that I only have time for half a day’s work.

But it’s ok as I do 15 hours plus on a normal Monday.

In for about 5.40am, usually leave a little before 9pm.

Sure, I’ll have lunch in that time.

And a workout.

But, other than that, most of that time is spent doing work of some sort.

I don’t see my kids on a Monday.

I never have Oli and Jamie then – they’re at their mum’s.

Charlie’s asleep by the time I get in and Izzie will, at most, be in bed dropping off and I’ll pop in and say hello.

Although, I suppose, I do see Charlie repeatedly between midnight and 5am, but that’s not a good thing 🙁

I’ve done a long Monday since we opened RISE.

Gives me that flexibility later in the week when I need it more.

A little ‘out of balance’ you could say.


It’s the overall balance that’s key.

Not seeing my kids at all on a Monday means I get to spend more quality time with them at other times.

Not every day has to be ‘balanced’.

It’s the weekly (or monthly) average that’s key.

Not every day’s eating has to be perfect.

If that’s our expectation, we’ll quickly feel that we’ve failed and, often, go to the other end of the extreme.

The weekly (or monthly) average is key.

Some days will be less good.

Some days better.

When we accept that and work towards making the average something that we’re happy with……………

Then that’s where lasting results come.

None of us would ever think “I haven’t seen my kids all day, I might as well not bother seeing them the rest of the week”…………..

So we don’t need to take the same approach with our eating!

Much love,

Jon ‘Fair of face’ Hall and Matt ‘Bonny and blithe and good and gay’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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