So a few (many) years ago when I was but a wee lad at primary school………


We did a little test.


A quick Google has found the following which is pretty much how it went.


Although there was definitely a bit where we had to stand up and say “I have followed all the instructions”.


“Please read all of the instructions before doing anything, you are allowed 10 minutes to complete this task.

  1. Find a pen and paper.
  2. Write your name at the top of the paper.
  3. Write the numbers 1 to 5, one per line.
  4. Draw five small circles beside #1.
  5. Put an “X” in the second and fourth circles next to #1.
  6. Write the word ‘encyclopedia’ beside #3.
  7. On the back of the paper multiply 7 x 9.
  8. Put an X in the lower right-hand corner of the paper.
  9. Draw a circle around the X you just made.
  10. Underline your name.
  11. Say your name out loud.
  12. Draw a circle around #4.
  13. Count the number of words in this sentence and write the answer beside #2 on your paper.
  14. Put a square around #1 and #5.
  15. Punch 3 small holes anywhere in the paper.
  16. Write your first name beside #4.
  17. Write today’s date beside #5 on your paper.
  18. Circle every letter ‘E’ you have written.
  19. Stand up and say ‘I HAVE FINISHED FIRST’ if you were first, else say ‘I HAVE FINISHED’ out loud, then sit down.
  20. Now that you read all of the instructions, skip all of them except the first two! If you have followed the instructions correctly, you should only have your name on the paper!”


Being somewhat competitive I smashed through the instructions and was pleased to be the first to finish.


Until I read Number 20 of course 🙁




I’m reminded of this every time a member is ‘surprised’ when their weigh-in isn’t as good as they’d hoped.


“I’ve followed the instructions exactly” they sometimes say.


And, needless to say, a quick conversation quickly highlights that they haven’t.


They kind of have.


They’ll usually have skim read them and be following what they thought they read.


Often they’ll have seen that we talk about most people in the western world eating a diet too high in carbs.


So they’ll cut out all carbs.


Even though the instructions clearly say that we recommend a balanced diet.


So reducing the carbs and increasing healthy fats and protein for most people.


But never any talk of dropping carbs completely.


Or they’ll see we talk about upping intensity in sessions.


So they’ll go lighter or easier so they can go longer.


Or even do two sessions in a day.


When we actually recommend harder exercise for shorter periods – rest and repeat.


Or they’ll have followed the stuff they find easy, ignoring the stuff that is a bit more challenging – ‘forgetting’ to deal with sleep, stress, hydration, etc.




After 14 years of doing this I’m yet to meet someone who genuinely is following the instructions and isn’t getting good results.


So, if your results aren’t coming one of three things has happened:


  1. You’ve misunderstood the instructions. Let’s have a chat and we’ll work out where.


  1. You’re struggling to implement the instructions for various reasons. Let’s have a chat and work out how best to help you.


  1. You’re still doing something that either doesn’t work or, more likely, is impossible to stick to long term (see most diets, slimming clubs, etc) – in which case, this link is what you need if you’re serious about actually getting something for your investment –


So, whichever one you are, you know what you need to do.


Go, go, go!!!!! 😉



Much love,


Jon ‘My nephew and niece now go to that school and it has, somehow, shrunk’ Hall and Matt ‘Instructions, smuctions’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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