For about the last 6 months, my iPad has been getting painfully slow.


I kept meaning to do something about it, but just wasn’t ‘getting round to it’.


Telling myself it was just getting old.


Until it got to the point where it was unusable.


So I backed it all up and did a full wipe and reinstall.


Took a few hours overall.


But that was mainly waiting.


About 10 minutes of actual effort on my part.


And it’s miles better.


I was foolish not to do this before.


I must’ve wasted hours with waiting for it to respond.


We’re often the same with our bodies.


Letting them get slowly worse over time.


When we could be doing things to minimise that.


Sure, like my iPad,they might never be as good as new.


But there are lots of pretty simple things we can do to massively slow that ‘aging’.


Things that don’t have to take a great deal of time but have a big impact.


Here’s a few;


Fit black out blinds in our bedrooms and remove any light sources (such as LEDs)


Get a good water filter


Drink plenty of water each day


Stretch calves and hip flexors whilst watching TV


Add magnesium salts to a warm bath


These things either take a one of half an hour or so.


Or seconds a day.


For a relatively huge return on investment 🙂


## Check if you like the sound of big wins rather than just “trying harder” ##



Much love,


Jon ‘I actually won that iPad and have had it 3 1/2 years now, which is cool’ Hall and Matt ‘Apple fanboy’ Nicholson


P.S. Yesterday’s middle names – John McCrea is the lead singer in the band Cake and Courtney Love in the band Hole. See what I did 😉




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