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I’m writing this blog sat on a train in Piccadilly Station in Manchester.

It’s about to set off for my return trip to Macclesfield.

I’ve been at Hotel Brooklyn for the Quarterly Meet Up as part of the coaching programme I’m in.

You know the score – beware the coach that doesn’t have a coach (either every aspect of their life is absolutely perfect or they only believe you should invest in them and the same doesn’t apply to themselves).

The train’s just pulling away by the way.

I’ve got loads of awesome ideas from today.

Both for me personally, some other aspects of the business and some stuff I’ll share with you in these blogs.

I was just thinking about a Quarterly a few years ago.

It was at a Social Club in Newcastle.

We met on the multi surface court at 7am.

And had to do various physical challenges.

There’s people of all shapes and sizes in the programme.

So it wasn’t about who could do the most.

But about listening to that little voice in your head as it got hard.

Because what we say to ourselves when the going gets hard in one aspect of our life is probably similar to what we say to ourselves when it gets hard in other areas.

We did a workout in a group.

And then the Beep Test.

You remember the one?

Probably did it in PE in the school hall.

Running from one end of the hall to the other in time to a tape of beeps that got progressively closer together.

Keeping going until you couldn’t keep make the other end before the next beep.

And recording that score.

I was rubbish at it at school.

When you work in the Fitness Industry people assume you’ve always been fit, captain of the school sports teams, etc.

Not me.

Fat kid.

101st out of 104 boys in Year 7 cross country.

I’ve been saying 103 for years but then I realised I forgot Andrew Walker.

Sorry Andrew.

——- Just pulling into Stockport Station if you’re interested? ———-

I got slimmer when I grew about a foot in Year 8.

Got fat again when I discovered beer.

Got in shape in my early 20s.

———- I tell a lie – we’re parked up on the bridge between Stockport Plaza and the Co-Op Pyramid. Argh, we’ve just started moving again ———-

Anyway – this was the first time I’d done the Bleep Test in about 25 years.

The coaches on the programme said they wanted us to “empty the tank”.

Go till we literally couldn’t.

Don’t hold back.

And listen to what that voice in our head was saying.

You want to know what mine was saying?

I’ll only tell you if you promise you’ll give this some thought?

I don’t expect you to do the Bleep Test right now.

But you’ll probably roughly know the answer with a bit of thought.

And, maybe, next time you’re in a challenging situation (physical or otherwise) you can have a listen.

My inner voice was telling me I just needed “to do enough”.

Enough that no one would judge me for not trying hard enough.

Enough to last longer than the guys there who I felt weren’t as fit as me.

——– Just leaving Stockport ——–

I was “never going to last the longest”.

There were several other guys there who were “clearly fitter than me”.

Probably had “less injuries too”.

“Definitely younger”.

“Probably haven’t got young kids that cause them sleepless nights”.

And I realised that’s what I do in other areas.


Past the point that anyone would think I wasn’t trying hard enough.

As long as I do more than those I feel I could outperform in whatever measure is relevant.

——– Just pulling into Cheadle Hulme (it’s the slow train 😔) ——–

Whether that’s in business (I’ve done enough for this to continue to be the most successful group training based facility in Macclesfield and the surrounding area for nearly a decade now)………..

Or in my own health and fitness (fitter than probably 95% of people but a million miles from the top 1%)………

A better relationship with my wife and kids than most of my friends have, but by no means perfect ………

And so on.

It was eye opening.

——– Bramhall ——–

It made me realise that I can do more in some (or all) of those areas.

That there was a glass ceiling there entirely of my own creation.


Giving myself an “out” for not doing better.

When I could.

——– Poynton ——–

But this isn’t about me.

It’s about you.

What your little voice tells you.

When the going gets tough.

Challenging physical exercise is a great time to listen to it.

But it’ll be there at other times.

Listen to it.

Question it.

Is what it’s saying serving you?

Benefitting you?

Could you tweak it?

As, I’ve said before, what we tell ourselves instead can’t just be made up.

Telling ourselves something we don’t believe just sets us up for frustration and disappointment.

——– Adlington ——–

I’ve mentioned before that there’s nothing more important than…….

What we say about ourselves……..

To ourselves!

What could we say instead?

When the going gets tough, what can we say to ourselves, that we believe, that will help us do that little bit more?

“I can’t do this” > “I’ve done as much as I can”

“I can’t do any more” > “I’ll just try one more”

“I’m no good at this” > “I’ll get better with practice”

——– Prestbury, come on Jon, you can get this done before Macc ——–

“I’m not as good as XYZ” > “I’m better than I was”

“I’ve done enough” > “I can do a bit more”

No right or wrong.

Listen to what that voice says when it gets hard.

Does it help you?

How could you tweak that so it does (at least a little bit more)?

Much love,

Jon ‘I’ve got some more insights from the Quarterly I’ve just been at coming up’ Hall

P.S. Macclesfield

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