Don’t worry, I’m not about to start insulting you.


No, it’s a line from a song.


‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley.


Another line from that song is “It wasn’t because I didn’t know enough. I just knew too much”.


And that, my friend, is part of the problem with the old fitness / health / weight loss game nowadays.


So much information.


Often conflicting.


So many ways to do things.


Many of our fellow FitPros telling you that their way is the only way, and all other pointless.


You don’t know what to do or where to turn.


And do nothing.


Paralysis by analysis.


Sure, there are ‘technically better’ ways to do things.


Approaches that will get quicker results.


And, there are things that are pretty pointless that I would avoid.


But, ultimately, the key is to find an approach that;


A) Takes you, on average, in the right direction


B) You enjoy (or, at least, can tolerate) enough to do for the rest of your life


That’s it really.


And that pretty much sums up what we do.


It’s why the three ‘Principles of RISE’ are;


1. Be yourself


2. Have fun


3. Improve everyday


We’ve just had those bad boys graffitied above the mirrors in our main room at the club.


Little reminder for the ninjas.


If you’re enjoying what you’re doing and going in the right direction, then crack on.


You’re beating 95% of the population.


If not, you might like to check out 🙂
Much love,


Jon ‘Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?’ Hall and Matt ‘The Boogie Monster’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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