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Whilst we’re talking about mind shift changes that we help people make, here’s another one:


“I want to lose weight slowly”.


Now we fully understand the idea behind it – losing weight through means that are maintainable.


Rather than a short term, quick fix that will probably lead to all the weight, and then some, being regained when old habits are resumed.


However we like to encourage a slight shift in thinking here.


To ‘losing weight as quickly as is maintainable’.


After all we didn’t become famous for helping people lose 20lbs in 2 years, did we?


Infact, we had a new record breaker last week, when Paul Knight weighed in early with a mahoosive 38lbs lost in 7 weeks – no silly diets or shakes, no depriving himself, no hours or boring exercise, just a huge shift in mindset and the habits that follow it!


We find that when people set out with the ‘slowly’ mindset, their progress is unnecessarily slow.


They often hold onto bad habits longer than they really needed to.


When people make the mind shift away from ‘diets’, deprivation, effort, will power, etc it becomes much easier to make changes quickly.


After all, why continue to poison your body and abuse it with stuff that makes you unhappy and unhealthy when you’ve made that shift to realising that’s what is happening?


Why wait any longer to start treating yourself with the respect you deserve and rewarding your body with things that make it, and you, feel good?


Why, as you’re starting to look and feel better and better, think this is something you should ever stop?


When you find more and more ways to make things better would you delay implementing them?


You get the message.


No short term, quick fixes.


But, at the same time, you may as well do it as fast as is maintainable.



Much love,


Jon ‘Lost it many years ago’ Hall and Matt ‘Why is it Maintenance not Maintainance?’ Nicholson


P.S. Nearly out of time now to find out more about the January ‘FREE 20lbs in 8 weeks weight  loss challenge’ that Paul and others have been doing. The meeting is nect Tuesday – check it out at myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting 🙂

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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