This morning I get a text from my ex-wife.


She can’t find the boys school shoes and Oli, my eldest, is upset and refusing to go to school without them.


It turns out I had them in the car last night when we swapped the boys over.


But I’d missed them underneath something else.


I’d also forgotten the base layer Jamie, the youngest, has to wear to cover the moluscum on his arms.


So, I’ve spent the last couple of hours arranging cover for my 9.30am session (thanks Kirsty!), driving home to get the base layer, then driving to their school near Bakewell (40 minutes away) and back.


All in all, a couple of hours wasted and the cost of petrol and paying for the session cover down.


Initially I was pissed off.


What a waste when I have so much to do today.


However, after a little while, I came to a realisation.


Being pissed off wasn’t making the slightest bit of difference.


After what had happened I was going to have to do this either way.


After my own mistakes / actions I was left with two options.


Do what needed to be done and be pissed off while doing it.


Or do what needed to be done and make the most of it.


So, in the car I listened to a couple of podcasts.


Got a few good ideas for blogs.


Including this one 😉


And I chose to see the few seconds I saw the boys with as a worthwhile compensation.


It’s the same with the things you need to do to get in the shape you want to get in.


The actions we’ve taken in the past have led us all to our current situation.


And if we want to change that, then something needs to happen.


To get the body that we’re happier with, exercise needs to be done, certain things need to be eaten and drunk.


And others, not so much.


It can be annoying,


It’s tempting to get pissed off!


The idea that we can’t eat the ‘things we like’ doesn’t sit well, does it?


The friend who seems to be able to eat whatever he / she likes is annoying, no?


The fact that we’ll have to do three workouts a week for the rest of our lives can piss us off, can’t it?


If we let it!


We have two options.


Three I suppose, if you include staying where you are or were.


But if you’re reading these emails, I assume you don’t want that.


Option 1 is do it and be pissed off throughout.


Option 2 is accept it.


Change your perception of it.


Look forward to all the tasty, healthy meals you’ll discover.


Find a form of exercise that you do enjoy and like doing ( if you want to see what we do).


Concentrate on the benefit – looking and feeling better, living longer, etc.


Being pissed off won’t help!



Much love,


Jon ‘Forever messing up with the boy’s stuff’ Hall and Matt ‘Can manage the dog and myself’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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