Have you ever set out with the intention of doing something………..

It not happened………..

And then you’ve immediately set an even bigger intention with a view to “catching up” somewhat?

You know – “I’m going to workout three times this week”.

And when you end up doing none, decide “I’ll do 5 next week”.

Which, of course, is even less likely to happen.

Or we eat considerably more than we need over a weekend or week………..

Then decide to not just drop to maintenance…………

But to practically starve ourselves to undo that.

Now, I get it.

It feels like it makes sense.

But, if it rarely then happens, does it?

If it leads to us feeling we’ve “failed” again, was it the best plan?

If the gap is too big…………..

Then might a smaller gap next time make more sense?

If we didn’t get in for three Sessions, one next week is much more likely to happen then five.

And, there’s a good chance we can overachieve on it.

Dropping down to maintenance (or slightly under) is more likely to happen than undoing that over consumption in one go.

And there’s massive value in remembering that somewhere between “nothing” and “ideal” this week hugely affects the probability of “ideal” happening next week.

The chance of us doing three workouts next week is much higher if we do one or two this week than it is if we do none.

The chance of us eating in deficit next week is much higher if we eat in average maintenance this week than if we eat in huge surplus.

And so on.

If the gap is too big to………….

Then still doing what we can to semi fill it………..

And going for a more fillable gap next time………..

Will always beat doing nothing now and creating an even bigger gap next time.

Much love,

Jon ‘Change or Die’ Hall

P.S. Gap Stores slogan innit?

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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