I mentioned in last weeks email about learning how to fall about people feeling he need to mock wrestling when they hear that I did / do it.


I freely admit that it’s a funny thing to do.


But I never really understood why people feel the need to mock / criticise so much.


It’s the same with lots of things.


We regularly get comments on our Facebook posts.


Charming stuff like the one we got on a post the other day “If you want to lose weight, stop eating so much cake, you fat f***ers”.


Although it didn’t have the *** or the proper spelling or punctuation.


Matt and I both have an app on our phones and get notified of page comments.


And immediately delete such comments and block the writers.


And we hear about some of the stuff some people like to say about us.


For example – the other half of a local gym owner who seems to really hate us and likes to spread made up rumours about us.


I really should delete you from this mailing list love, but it amuses me that you read what I write every day when you dislike us so much.


And we regularly see people criticising all sorts of stuff on Facebook.


Slating stuff that other people like.




My grandpa used to have various sayings.


Stuff that I rolled my eyes at a little as a child.


But I now really like and follow in my life.


“If a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing well” was one.


And “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” was another.


If people don’t like something, then why don’t they just don’t use / watch / buy / do it?


And leave it at that?




Minimising your exposure to negativity is a big part of helping keep your happiness levels up.


People who like to criticise are Energy Vampires.


Who suck the very life out of you.


Whether they are criticising you and your attempts to change your life.


Or just generally pointing out stuff they think isn’t good.


Do what you can to reduce how much of those you see and hear and your happiness will increase.


Defriend them on Facebook (or at least hide their updates from your feed if you don’t want them to see that you’ve defriended them).


Stop spending time with them where you can.


I promise you you’ll feel better for it



Much love,


Jon ‘Energy Vampire Slayer’ Hall and Matt ‘SMG Fan’ Nicholson


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