So, yesterday I talked about how we’re taught to use time and money as excuses for not doing stuff.


Still got a few arsey replies.


Ho hum!


Another thought process I’ve been working on with some of the guys at RISE recently is the “I’ll be …… when …..” one.


You know;


“I’ll be happy when I lose the weight / get a better job / find a partner, have more money, etc”


I used to think this way too.


But I’ve come to realise over time that our happiness truly comes from within.


I’ve met people in what you might consider awful situations who were still generally happy people.


People with terminal illnesses, real hardships at home, etc who still (to quote Rihanna) “choose to be happy”.


Conversely I’ve met lots of very unhappy people who seemingly had everything.


I find when we approach life with the thought process of the external things being what makes us happy, it’s very difficult to be truly happy in yourself.


Getting those things we want often just moves the goal posts.


The new car, house, job, partner can give us enjoyment sure, but won’t change our baseline happiness level permanently.


They’re often like slipping into a hot bath – we soon acclimatize.


I think kids nowadays face a hard time growing up to be happy.


TV and the media constantly tell us we need to do or have XYZ to be happy.


The content of our character is no longer relevant – just what we’ve done, what we own, what we wear, what we drive, etc.


We need to learn to love ourselves and realise that our happiness does come from within before we can be truly happy.


Much love,


Jon ‘99% happy’ Hall


P.S. I’ve had a couple of people ask since we launched the podcast how we’re able to put so much stuff out (videos, emails, podcast, etc).


And some ask us why we do it.


Answers tomorrow.


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