In yesterday’s blog, I talked about how we can potentially reassign our time.

I gave a link that shows people how to do that.

And I mentioned that I know that most people won’t click that link.

The only really valid reason not to is that we’re currently 100% happy with how we’re assigning our time and the results were getting from that.

Which I’m fairly confident is a very small percentage of people.

I’ve recommended that link to many people over the years.

When people message me to say they’re “too busy”, I tell them to go to it and fill in a time log and send it over to me so we can figure out between us how best to reassign some time.

Some do.

100% of those that do find it beneficial.





Many ignore it.

And, if they ever give me a reason why, they say they’ve been “too busy”.

“Too busy to become less busy”.

Madness when you put it that way.

Much love,

Jon ‘Doing nothing, working the whole day through’ Hall

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