Imagine you decided to go speed dating.

There were hundreds if not thousands of people there.

One by one they filed past you, took one quick look and said either yes or no and moved on.

Even if we got 50% “Yes”es (which, let’s face it, is optimistic) that would be dozens if not hundreds of people looking at you saying “No” and moving on.

How would that feel?

Pretty soul crushing I should imagine.

Now imagine going on a dating app such as Tinder.

You upload your picture, and after a few days see that a number of people have swiped right for you (I had to Google to see which direction was a “Yes”, honest Alex).

Which feels pretty good.

Deep down though, we know that for every “Yes” received, there have been several or dozens of “No’s”.

Maybe hundreds in total.

But it’s that little bit ‘removed’, isn’t it?

Dozens of perceived failures to our face is hard.

Dozens of perceived failures hidden away is much easier.

But the result is still the same either way.

Hiding things not happening doesn’t stop them not happening.

Like not setting plans and intents for our days and weeks.

We bowl into the week saying “I know I need to do, I just need to do it”………

Then it not happening doesn’t feel all that bad.

If we set a specific intent for how many workouts we’re going to do and when and how we’re going to eat (or what we’re going to do work or family or relationship wise)………..

Then it not happening is the same result as if we didn’t set that intent.

But it feels worse doesn’t it?

Setting specific plans and being held accountable to them is a brave choice.

It takes that perceived failure from being hidden to being potentially on view.

But it makes it less likely.

I’m sure we all agree that if we set a specific intent and then plan how that is going to happen, pre-empt any obstacles and got the buy-in of others involved………

Then we’re more likely to do those things than if we just try and “fit it in”.

Ultimately, success and failure are only metrics of our own definition.

Ways we can choose to describe what we have or haven’t done.

The important thing is what we get done.

Not how much we perceived that we “failed” or “succeeded” along the way.

Success in life rarely comes from everything going well all the time………

It comes from becoming ok with all those perceived failures along the way.

The more we’re willing to fail, the more we will succeed.

Much like apps like Tinder don’t really stop us getting rejected, they just hide it more………

Not setting specific plans doesn’t stop us not achieving things……..

It just hides it!

Much love,

Jon ‘dy boo’ Hall

P.S. Setting regular plans that we hold them accountable to is part of the reason people get such great results on our programme. After all, without a plan, there’s nothing to be held accountable to. Check if only being accountable to yourself so far hasn’t worked out!


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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